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Who We Are:
ASSIST is an IRS 501(c) 3 nonprofit charity whose purpose is to aid present and future American survivors of terrorism. We act as an umbrella organization for all American terrorism survivors groups and welcome American military / civilian terrorism survivors as Survivor Members. Dues and contributions to ASSIST are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. ASSIST Board of Directors is composed of survivors from various terrorism attacks against America and serve without compensation. We provide superior assistance to terrorism survivors because we are veteran terrorism survivors who understand terrorism survivors needs. We also welcome all Americans as supporting members who wish to be actively involved in helping us by membership, donations and/or active participation in our programs.

ASSIST provides medical, legal and emotional support to all American terrorism survivors to the limits of our funding. ASSIST also seeks to train and provide volunteer terrorism survivor-counselors to American survivors of terrorism as soon as possible after survivors are involved in a terrorism attack. The survivor-counselor works with other professional counselors either at the terrorism attack site or wherever the survivors are located. We endeavor to help the victim to become survivors by helping them help themselves and eventually other survivors.
ASSIST is new organization and was just recognized as a public charity by the US Internal Revenue Service. This website is also new, and with your help we can make it better. After you explore our website, please visit the site again soon as it is routinely updated. Thank you for your interest in supporting American survivors of terrorism.

We believe in "glass pockets" involving our financial operations. We make every effort to keep administrative costs to the absolute minimum. We want the funds generated by donations, dues and grants to go to the aid of terrorism survivors as much as possible.